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Flag-waving Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster

The meaning of FLAG-WAVING is passionate appeal to patriotic or partisan sentiment : chauvinism. How to use flag-waving in a sentence.

Flag-waving - Wikipedia

Flag-waving is a fallacious argument or propaganda technique used to justify an action based on the undue connection to nationalism or patriotism or benefit for ...

Flag-waving definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

You can use flag-waving to refer to the expression of feelings for a country in a loud or exaggerated way, especially when you disapprove of this.

FLAG-WAVING | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

7 days ago ... flag-waving definition: 1. the strong expression of support for a country or group, sometimes with military intention 2…. Learn more.

Flag-waving Definition & Meaning |

Flag-waving definition, an ostentatiously emotional display of patriotism or factionalism. See more.

Flag-waving - Definition, Meaning & Synonyms |

flag-waving Add to list Share. Definitions of flag-waving. adjective. fanatically patriotic. synonyms: chauvinistic, jingoistic, nationalistic, ...

Flag–waving Definition & Meaning | Britannica Dictionary

FLAG–WAVING meaning: words and actions that show very strong support for your government usually in a way that seems foolish or excessive sometimes used ...

FLAG-WAVING (noun) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary

Definition of FLAG-WAVING (noun): behaviour showing love for your country.

Flag-waving Definitions | What does flag-waving mean? | Best 3 ...

Flag-waving definition · Excessive or fanatical patriotism; chauvinism. · An effort to arouse intense patriotic or nationalist feelings by a deliberate appeal to ...

Flag waving on this Fourth of July carries a different meaning - The ...

Jul 4, 2020 ... Flag waving on this Fourth of July carries a different meaning · Independence Day arrives amid a national reckoning that asks whether America is ...