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Autonomous Republic of Northern Epirus - Wikipedia

Flag of Αυτόνομος Ήπειρος. Flag. Seal of Αυτόνομος Ήπειρος. Seal. Anthem: Ύμνος εις τὴν Ελευθερίαν "Hymn to Freedom". 0:46. 800px-Northern Epirus, 1914.jpg.

Epirus - Imperator Wiki

Flag of Epirus Epirus is a local power in northwestern Greece, a federation of tribes on the fringes of the Greek world united under the Aiakid dynasty of ...

List of Greek flags - Wikipedia

This is a list of flags used in the modern state of Greece or historically used by Greeks. ... Flag of the Autonomous Republic of Northern Epirus.svg.

Greek minority in Northern Epirus (Albania)

The flag of Omonia is blue with a white cross. The bull in the centre represents the crest of Pyrrhos, King of Epirus in ancient ...

Macedon - Imperator Wiki

The ancient homeland of the Flag of Argead Empire ... Epirus, either by decision or the unique Flag of Epirus Epirote or Flag of Antigonid Kingdom ...

Epirus flag: Wolf or fox? — Total War Forums

Perhaps a stupid question, but what manner of animal is depicted on the flag of Epirus in Rome 2?

Flag of Epirus? | History Forum

Hello all. As you may have guessed by my username, I am very interseted in the ancient Greek/Macedonian nation of Epirus and their leader ...

#15-22 Epirus - Flag of Epirus (MNH) – Hungaria Stamp Exchange

#15-22 Epirus - Flag of Epirus (MNH). Scott value: $20.65. Our price: $16.50 USD.


Although the House of Palaiolgos was able to restore much of what was lost, countless successor states such as the Theme of Flag of Epirus Epirus and Flag ...

Read Eagle Flag of Epirus RAW English Translation - MTL Novel

Read MTL Novel Translation for Eagle Flag of Epirus / 伊庇鲁斯的鹰旗 RAW in English. After 1204, the Byzantine Empire had fallen apart, but as the only ...