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Cretan State - Wikipedia

The Cretan State was established in 1898, following the intervention by the Great Powers ... 1898โ€“1913. Flag of Crete ... Anthem: Cretan Anthem.

Crete (Greece)

The flag of the Cretan Autonomous State, blue with a white cross and a red canton charged with a white star, is commonly used in Crete,ย ...

Crete Flag

The Crete flag. The State of Crete was established in 1898. In 1897 an insurrection in Crete led the Ottoman Empire to declare war on Greece leding theย ...

Youth Flag Football and Volleyball signup ... - City of Crete Nebraska

Crete Recreation program signup for youth Flag Football and Volleyball is open through Friday, Aug. 27. No late registrations are accepted.

File:Flag of Cretan State.svg - Wikimedia Commons

English: Flag of Cretan State (1898-1913, an autonomous state of the Ottoman Empire) - the design depicted the blue and white cross design of Greece and aย ...

Crete Messara Gulf FLAG | FARNET

Oct 31, 2017 ... FLAG Factsheet. Crete Messara Gulf FLAG. Official name: ... 39.14% (152.31km2) of the FLAG area is covered by four Natura 2000 sites.

File:Flag of Crete.png - Wikimedia Commons

Nov 10, 2020 ... The flag bears some similarities to the Flag of Crete used officially between 1897-1913. The difference is that the section in the top left handย ...

Adirondack Coast Sports

... sports program at the Crete Civic Center in Plattsburgh, NY. We provide opportunities for league play in soccer and flag football throughout the winter,ย ...

Flag Poles - Specialty Concrete Pole | StressCrete | StressCrete Group

In addition, easy installation, long life and zero maintenance make spun concrete poles the ideal flag pole. Advantages of StressCrete Spun Concrete:.

Flag of "Independent" Crete sold on e-bay

Mar 5, 2011 ... The flag of the 'Cretan State' based on a variant of the Greek flag in 1822. Three-quarters blue symbolizes the Christian-majority Greek islandย ...