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Pound sign - Wikipedia

The pound sign Β£ is the symbol for the pound sterling – the currency of the United Kingdom and previously of Great Britain and of the KingdomΒ ...

GBP Definition

The British pound sterling is symbolized by the pound sign (Β£) and is sometimes referred to simply as "sterling" or by the nickname "quid." Because stocks areΒ ...

Number sign - Wikipedia

The symbol # is known variously in English-speaking regions as the number sign, hash, or pound sign. ... The symbol has historically been used for a wide range ofΒ ...

Β£οΏ‘ GBP Pound symbol sign

Pound symbol Β£ is a currency sign used in UK. It derives from a capital "L", representing libra, the basic unit of weight in the Roman Empire, which in turn isΒ ...

Pound sign Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster

The meaning of POUND SIGN is the symbol Β£.

Pound sign Definition & Meaning |

Pound sign definition, a symbol (Β£) for 'pound' or 'pounds' as a monetary unit of the United Kingdom. See more.

How do I type a British pound sign as my keyboard does not have ...

Jul 27, 2012 ... Hold down the Alt key, on the numerical keypad press 0163, then release the Alt key. Launch Character Map and copy the character to theΒ ...

A short history of the British pound | World Economic Forum

Jun 27, 2016 ... The Β£ symbol comes from an ornate L in Libra. Anglo-Saxon era. The pound was a unit of currency as early as 775AD in Anglo-Saxon England,Β ...

POUND SIGN | Meaning & Definition for UK English |

1The sign Β£, representing a pound sterling. 'It adopted the pound sign as its party symbol to emphasise its hostility to the euro, which is viewed by WashingtonΒ ...

How to pronounce POUND SIGN in English

How to pronounce pound sign. How to say pound sign. Listen to the audio pronunciation in the Cambridge English Dictionary. Learn more.