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Fingers Crossed Emoji

A fingers crossed emoji which displays the index (first) finger crossed over the middle (second) finger. Commonly used as a gesture indicating luck,ย ...

Crossed Fingers Emoji โ€” Meaning, Copy & Paste

Crossed Fingers emoji is the hand gesture, which is commonly used when wishing good luck. And this emoji is used exactly in the same meanings its baseย ...

Crossed fingers emojis

The victory hand emoji stretches its index and middle fingers while folding the rest, flashing the peace sign. It's a great way to say 'peace, dude,' 'deuces,'ย ...

Fingers Crossed Emoji

Crossed Fingers. Unicode details for Hand with Index and Middle Fingers Crossed ( ) emoji. Character,.

Samsung Fixes Fingers Crossed Emoji

Apr 5, 2017 ... Samsung's Crossed Fingers emoji of 2016 had an additional finger, which was an unusual departure from the type of hands usually seen onย ...

Crossed fingers - Wikipedia

To cross one's fingers is a hand gesture commonly used to wish for luck. Occasionally it is interpreted as an attempt to implore God for protection.

Crossed Fingers Emoji | Luck Emoji

Emoji: Crossed Fingers (Cross | Crossed Fingers | Finger | Hand | Luck) | Categories: Hand: Fingers Partial | Emoji Version 3.0, Unicode 9.0...

Why is there no fingers crossed emoji? - Apple Community

Why is there no fingers crossed emoji? My friend sent me a text and it said "fingers crossed" and she likes to use emojis in her writing soย ...

Crossed Fingers: Medium Skin Tone Emoji

Emoji: Crossed Fingers: Medium Skin Tone (Cross | Crossed Fingers | Finger | Hand | Luck | Medium Skin Tone) | Categories: Medium Skin Tone | Emoji...

What is the full list of emoticons? | Skype Support

Crossed fingers emoticon, Crossed fingers, (crossedfingers). Love you gesture emoticon, Love you gesture, (loveyougesture). Sign of the horns emoticonย ...