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Full Name electronic red envelope
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Keywords electronic red envelope

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Feb 8, 2016 ... Getting a fat hongbao, or red envelope, stuffed with crisp new notes is one of the hallmarks of Chinese New Year, which starts today and ...

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In East and Southeast Asian cultures, a red envelope, red packet or red pocket is a monetary ... Analysts estimated that over 100 billion digital red envelopes would be ...

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The uneasy truce between Alibaba and Tencent is over. Read how Hongbao have become the latest battleground between China's two digital behemoths.

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A tall ecard greeting with a maroon background dotted with gold coins that sits behind a bright red envelope with gold trimming and space for custom text.

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WeChat red envelope (or WeChat red packet) is a mobile application developed by the Chinese technology company Tencent. The concept, also offered by its ...

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