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Walking Cane | Don't Starve Wiki | Fandom

The Walking Cane is a Dress Tab Item, which can also be used as a Weapon. It requires 1 Walrus Tusk, 2 Gold Nuggets, and 4 Twigs to craft, and an Alchemy ...

How to get Goatsherd Walking Cane skin? - [Don't Starve Together ...

You can still buy the Gorge belongings chest that includes the cane skin on the steam market as DST addon.

Belongings | Don't Starve Wiki | Fandom

The skins can be applied at the time of Crafting and changed afterward by ... The Timeless Ancient Cane skin is awarded for solving the Metheus Puzzles, ...

Unknown walking cane skin. - [Don't Starve Together] General ...

I started this thread back in 2016 as a time waster to catalogue every single skin in DST. Since then I've been revisiting this thread and ...

Does anyone know if the ancient walking cane skin is still obtainable ...

Nov 23, 2017 ... r/dontstarvetogether - my friend made me this dst themed shirt for my birthday. 140. Shows the Silver Award... and that's it. 1

The new "Walking Cane" Skin :: Don't Starve Together General ...

Jan 23, 2020 ... Originally posted by Mrklli: I saw those skins on a twitch stream yesterday. The cane has purple orb and aura surrounding it. The Explorer looks ...

I made my own walking cane skin : r/dontstarve

Apr 22, 2020 ... I made my own walking cane skin ... You gotta teach those things to not go for you somehow. ... Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or ...

Don't Starve Together - Skins Checklist (by Instant-Noodles)

ALL SKINS ... Candy Cane, -, Winter. Profile Icon. Common. Carrot Cake, -, Victorian ... Alpine Walking Shoes, Wolfgang, Year of the Varg. Wardrobe.

Winter's Feast walking cane : r/dontstarve

Nov 13, 2020 ... Hi so I just started playing DST for awhile and I saw someone with a candy cane skin for their walking cane and found out it was belong to ...

Skins/Special - Don't Starve Wiki

Bottomless Pit (Loyal) · Mini Monument (Loyal) · Tragic Torch (Loyal, Timeless) · Ancient Cane (Timeless) · Ancient King's Chest (Timeless) · Expo Shirts (Spiffy).