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Copa di Vino - Do Anything Go Anywhere Premium Wine

SPLASH CAP. Keep your wine from spilling with the splash proof cap. Enjoy the whole glass or place the cap back on to have later ...

Viriginia Wine Country Bar | Salamander Resort & Spa - Gold Cup ...

Serving lunch and dinner, Gold Cup offers delectable menu options, the best of Virginia's wines, signature cocktails and much more. Our sushi menu is available ...

Governor's Cup - Colorado Wine

The Colorado Governor's Cup Winemaking Competition, the only statewide wine making competition exclusively for Colorado Wineries, returned for 2021. The ...

Virginia Governor's Cup 2022

The Virginia Governor's Cup, one of the most stringent competitions in the US, ... with the Virginia Wine Board and the Virginia Vineyards Association.

Maryland's Governor's Cup Competition 2021 - Maryland Wineries ...

Sep 14, 2021 ... Blue Mountain Wine Crafters • Boutique Winery Petit Verdot 2018. Boordy Vineyards • Lost Order 191 2017. Cabin Vineyard • Cabin Breeze 2019

Monticello Cup Wine Competition — Monticello Wine Trail

2022 Monticello Cup Wine Competition ... The friendly competition held among member wineries celebrates the best wines of the Monticello AVA.

Awards - Maryland Wineries Association

Maryland Wineries Awarded At 2022 International Eastern Wine Competition02/16/2022 ... The winning wine earns the the Governor's Cup trophy.

Does Drinking a Glass of Wine Have Health Benefits?

Aug 27, 2019 ... Emerging research continues to suggest that drinking wine in moderation — about a glass per day — offers several benefits. This article explains ...

Loving Cup Vineyard and Winery | Organic Wine in Virginia

This year marks our 10th anniversary as a certified-organic vineyard, which is kinda a big deal. "Organic Grapes in Virginia is impossible!" they all said. And ...

2021 Virginia Governor's Cup Recap: Unveiling Virginia's Finest ...

Mar 10, 2021 ... The case-winning wines, the Cup winner and the inaugural Best in Show Cider were all announced. Key supporters of the competition, ...