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Cumulus cloud - Wikipedia

Cumulus cloud ; Cu 路 CL 1.png 路 Cumulus (heap) 路 Fractus; Humilis; Mediocris; Congestus.

Cumulus Clouds

May 21, 2009 ... Cumulus (weather symbol - Cu) clouds belong to the Clouds with Vertical Growth group. They are puffy white or light gray clouds that look聽...

Cumulonimbus cloud - Wikipedia

Cb. Symbol, Clouds CL 9.svg 路 Genus, Cumulonimbus (heap, rain). Species. Calvus; Capillatus.

NWS JetStream - NWS Cloud Chart

The exception to this is cumulus or cumulonimbus clouds over a mountain. ... Today, the 27 different cloud symbols for the 'state of the sky' are not聽...

Cirrocumulus cloud - Wikipedia

Cirrocumulus cloud ; Cc 路 Cirro- (curl) -cumulus (heaped) 路 Castellanus; Flocus; Lenticularis; Stratiformis 路 Lacunosus; Undulatus.

Weather encyclopedia - Cloud types and symbols according to WMO

CL = 0, No stratocumulus, stratus, cumulus or cumulonimbus. CL = 1, Cloud type symbol for cumulus humilis / cumulus fractus, Cumulus humilis / cumulus聽...

Weather Station Symbols

Weather Station Symbols. No clouds. Up to 1/10. 2/10 or 3/10 ... Fair Weather Cumulus. Developing Cumulus. Cumulonimbus. Cirrocumulus. Nimbostratus. Stratus.

Cumulonimbus (Cb) | International Cloud Atlas

The WMO International Cloud Atlas is the reference for the classification of clouds and meteorological meteors. It provides the definitions and descriptions聽...

White blue day cumulus cloud symbol shape or cloudscape ...

Feb 2, 2019 - Find White Blue Day Cumulus Cloud Symbol stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the聽...

Cloud Symbolism: Emotional Balance And Intelligence - SunSigns.Org

Cloud symbolism brings joy, happiness, love, and aggression for life. ... clouds that come before and during thunderstorms are called cumulonimbus clouds.