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19th Century Chinese Pirate Flags Collection

Among the specific flags are those flown by China's most infamous Pirate Family, including Ching I, his wife, Ching I Sou, and their adopted son/her husband ...

Preble's Flag: An Emerging Navy Fights Chinese Pirates

Jan 25, 2018 ... They had been thought long-lost, since no one had seen them in more than a century. One of the uncovered flags was captured from a Chinese ...

Zheng Yi Sao - Wikipedia

Zheng Yi Sao also known as Ching Shih, was a Chinese pirate leader who was active in the ... Black Flag Fleet, who was abducted by Zheng Yi and pressed into piracy at ...

The Chinese Female Pirate Who Commanded 80,000 Outlaws ...

Apr 6, 2016 ... Her husband, Cheng I, was the formidable commander of the Red Flag Fleet of pirate ships. He had managed to unite many rival Chinese pirate ...

Pirates of the South China Coast - Wikipedia

Not long after, Zheng Laotong surrendered to Chinese government, actually there were six gangs joined the alliance. The Red Flag Fleet led by Zheng Yi was the ...


See also: Flags of Famous Pirates · Libertalia · Chinese Pirates · Contemporary use of the pirate flag · Pirate-style fictional flags ...

Ching Shih: History's Deadliest Pirate | History of Yesterday

Under the leadership of Ching Shih, the Red Flag Fleet set off to capture new coastal villages and flaunted total control and domination over the South China ...

10 Facts About Ching Shih, China's Pirate Queen | History Hit

Nov 24, 2021 ... As head of the fearsome Red Flag Fleet, she commanded over 1,800 pirate ships and an estimated 80,000 pirates. In comparison, Blackbeard ...

File:Chinese Pirate Flag.svg - Wikimedia Commons

DescriptionChinese Pirate Flag.svg. English: A Chinese pirate flag captured by George Henry Preble. Circa 1871. Based off of this photo: https://warontherocks.

Maggie Q To Star In Series About Chinese Pirate Ching Shih ...

Feb 7, 2014 ... Titled Red Flag, the series is set in the early 1800s and centers on Ching Shih (Maggie Q), a beautiful young Chinese prostitute who goes on ...