Meanings of The 🍩 Donut Emoji and How to Use It

Meanings of The 🍩 Donut Emoji and How to Use It
by Emma Monroe 17/05/2022

For the last few years, Apple’s emoji drops are some of the most exciting releases. While the pixelated representations of food and faces and flags are cute, sometimes their meaning is lost to the masses. One emoji that has caused some confusion in conversation is the 🍩 Donut Emoji.

Apple released the 🍩 Donut Emoji in update iOS 10.2 back in December of 2016. While she’s about to turn six years old, that sneaky 🍩 Donut Emoji may carry a dirty double meaning.

There’s no doubt the creators of Apple Emojis have a sweet tooth. The delectable donut is found alongside a lollipop, a chocolate bar, a slice of cake, and a chocolate chip cookie to name a few. However, there’s one glaring difference between the 🍩 Donut Emoji and the other sweet treats. While a 🍩 Donut Emoji sprinkles some colorful and delicious pizzazz into a convo, it might not be a reference to donut-loving Homer Simpson in that cryptic text message.

Have you ever received a donut emoji during your late-night Snapchat sesh? Maybe you’re looking to decode a text sent by your crush containing a donut nestled next to an eggplant. Maybe you 🍩 know what I’m talking about. What exactly does that 🍩 Donut Emoji mean? How should you respond to it? We’re here to help.

1. The 🍩 Donut Emoji obviously, can be used as a stand-in for donuts, desserts, or pastries.

Maybe your friend is inviting you out for donuts and coffee at the local bakery. Maybe they want to try the new vegan donut popup in town. Maybe you’ve been craving a cronut ever since you watched Season 3 of Broad City. Whatever the reason, texting a 🍩 Donut Emoji can be used literally to portray a tasty treat.

Emojis are a cute way of asking for something, as well. So, if you’re in your third trimester of pregnancy and you really want your partner to bring home some 🍩s, this adorable emoji is a good place to start.

If your friend sends you a 🍩 Donut Emoji alongside some other food or drinks, it’s a safe bet that you’re being invited to grab some yummy desserts.

2. I _🍩_ know what you mean!

The donut emoji is commonly used as a homophone (or auditory word play) for “do not.” Using the 🍩 Donut Emoji is a fun and playful way to set some healthy boundaries via text, such as: “I 🍩 (do-not) wish to talk about that.” You can even send it to your boss by typing out, “I 🍩 think I’ll be able to come to work today.”

The response to a message like this should be playful and light. It’s not too serious of a conversation if you can casually throw a donut into the mix.

3. This last one is kind of kinky (and it may change the way you look at that innocent 🍩 donut emoji)

This one is NOT for the weak. It’s quite NSFW. Mom, if you’re reading this, turn back now. Exit the browser. Clear your search history. As for the rest of you, forget everything you know about food emojis because this one is about to change your entire perspective (and perhaps, crush your appetite).

Using a 🍩 Donut Emoji when conversation gets spicy is a bold choice and not for the faint of heart. If your Tinder match sends you a 🍩 Donut Emoji with a question mark, they might be asking you to engage in anal play. The jury is out for this one. It’s unanimous that when sexting, the 🍩 Donut Emoji symbolizes the chocolate starfish itself – mankind’s puckered pooper. Maybe a 🍩 Donut Emoji isn’t your go-to when texting about butt stuff, but it’s definitely not taste that’s the base for this symbol. The 🍩 Donut Emoji and its round eye with chocolate drips symbolize the butthole itself.

How should you respond to this one? Well, that depends on how far you want to comfortably go in the bedroom. Accompanying the 🍩 Donut Emoji alongside the tongue emoji, finger emoji, or eggplant emoji is a method of getting straight to the point without saying much at all. The emojis do all the talking – or in this case, the sexting.