5 Speech Bubble Emojis You Need to Know in 2022

5 Speech Bubble Emojis You Need to Know in 2022
by Jack Stevenson 17/05/2022


One of the most complex things to do when you are communicating with another person within a virtual context is to be able to express that whole series of non-verbal elements that characterise face-to-face communication. We have always been taught that it is very important not only what we say, but how we say it: but how is it possible to do this through virtual communication?

One element that has revolutionised virtual communication is, without a doubt, emoji, whose presence within a speech can best characterise the tone of the discourse. Among all emoji, however, there is one in particular that is perfect for best expressing the true meaning of a message: we are talking about Speech Bubble Emojis.

Speech Bubble When someone publishes anything on social media that will be read by a large number of people, emojis are frequently employed to express their emotions. Utilizing these emoji can assist you in avoiding misunderstandings as well as conversations that are not essential. Although the majority of people use these emojis on social media platforms, you may also use them when you are having a conversation with someone via a messaging app.

💬 Speech Balloon

For all those who are part of the 'texting generation', the 💬 symbol of the Speech Balloon will be something certainly known or familiar. The 💬 Speech Balloon Emoji indicates that a person is texting or has something they want to say.

The 💬 emoji is also connected to an atmosphere of quiet conversation and general friendship without ongoing quarrels.

Let's look at some examples together:

* In my opinion 💬, there’s nothing wrong with this photo
* He's typing a message 💬
* We’re texting now 💬

🗨 Eye in Speech Balloon

Another very interesting emoji that is always connected with Speech Balloons is the 🗨 Eye in Speech Balloon. This emoji is very often not understood by most people, so let's try to understand specifically what its meaning is.

The 🗨 Eye in Speech Balloon refers to 'awareness'. This emoji has been used as the main symbol for various campaigns to combat bullying. The 🗨 Eye in Speech Balloon emoji has in fact been used with the meaning of "being a witness", which is closely related to having awareness.

We can use this emoji when a certain degree of awareness is needed in a conversation or we want to warn a person.

Let's look at some examples together so that we can better understand:

* Watch what you say on social media 🗨
* What lacks most in most of these people is self-awareness 🗨
* Could you hear yourself, for once? 🗨

🗨 Left Speech Bubble

Another very interesting emoji to analyse is the 🗨 Left Speech Bubble. The meaning of the 🗨 Left Speech Bubble can vary depending on contexts, however, there are three main meanings; let's see what they are:


The 🗨 Left Speech Bubble emoji can be used in response to a message to communicate indifference to the news just received.

_Processing of a thought_

Another possible use of the 🗨 Left Speech Bubble emoji is to indicate the fact that a thought is being formulated.

_Openness to new ideas _

The 🗨 Left Speech Bubble emoji can also be used to invite the person you are talking to to be open-minded in order to be open to new ideas and new points of view.

Let us now look together at some concrete examples in which the 🗨 Left Speech Bubble can be used

* I don't care what they say about me 🗨
* I have no clue, I need to think about it 🗨
* He didn't know what to say 🗨

🗯 Right Angry Bubble

The meaning of this emoji is very clear and there are no multiple meanings. The 🗯 Right Angry Bubble indicates anger. It happens to each of us that, on certain occasions, we may become angry or upset due to a variety of reasons and it is important to use the 🗯 Right Angry Bubble emoji in order to make our interlocutor understand our state of mind and the tone of our message.

Let's look at some examples together:

* Enough! How can you not understand that what you are doing is wrong? 🗯
* He is a horrible person 🗯
* How do you understand that this is not good for you? 🗯

💭 Thought Bubble

The 💭 Thought Bubble is probably the best known and most frequently used of all the emoji we have analysed today. The 💭 Thought Bubble is used to indicate one's own thoughts or when we want to ask another person what their opinion is on a certain topic.

When you start a sentence with "In my opinion" or "From my point of view" or when you ask things like "What do you think?" or "thoughts about this?" the 💭 Thought Bubble is the perfect emoji for that situation.

Let's take a look at some practical examples:

* Most people, in my opinion, are terrible 💭.
* Most people aren't bad, what do you think about that? 💭
* I was thinking which way to go in my life 💭


The ability to express oneself is fundamental to being human. As soon as you realize that you are a human being, you will be compelled to verbalize your emotions, thoughts, ideas, and opinions. This need to communicate will remain with you until you die. No, not necessarily with everyone in the entire world or even just individually with a smaller group of people.

But. In the realm of virtual reality, a single idea or deed can never be left alone without being repeated over and over again until the majority of individuals using that specific platform are aware of what is going on. In their own particular manners. In most instances, unless the author's intended meaning behind that piece of text is misunderstood after it has been translated.

When it comes to the importance of expressing oneself, being able to do so in an appropriate manner is on par with really expressing oneself. Emojis have arrived to help pave the "right route," and they need your assistance to be successful in their endeavor.