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Billiards Emoji

Emoji Meaning. This emoji displays the black 8 ball on most platforms, which looks similar to the Magic 8-Ball toy. This is despite the fact thatΒ ...

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Meaning – Pool 8 Ball Emoji ... The image of 8 balls forming a triangle is the emoji which symbolizes pool. It can refer to the game, the sport, the leisureΒ ...

Pool 8 Ball Emoji ❀️

Definition, This is numeric 8 This is a magic 8 ball. to be ready a game involving cues and balls A BALL USED IN THE GAME OF POOL. Palm tree emoji meanΒ ...

' ' meaning: pool 8 ball, 8 ball Emoji | EmojiAll

Extended reading and popular science. The meaning of emoji symbol is pool 8 ball, it is related to 8, ball, billiard, eight, game,Β ...

Pool 8 Ball Emoji β€” Meaning, Copy & Paste

Meaning of Pool 8 Ball Emoji ... Pool 8 Ball emoji is the image of an 8 Ball. Also known as billiards, the object of this game is to knock the balls, whetherΒ ...

What is the meaning of this emoji ? - Quora

Pool 8 Ball emoji is the image of an 8 Ball. Also known as billiards, the object of this game is to knock the balls, whether stripes or solids, into the pocketsΒ ...

Pool 8 Ball emoji - Meaning, History and Uses

Definition - meaning. Well we all enjoy playing this one in the club. One of everyone's favorite emojis this pool 8 ball emoji can be used for a variousΒ ...

What does 8-ball mean in texting? – Gaming Section : Magazine ...

The red heart emoji is used in warm emotional contexts. ... A term, referring to the game of pool, meaning in an unfavorable or uncomfortable position:Β ...

- Billiards Emoji: U+1F3B1 - Unicode Character Table

Emoji meaning. A billiard ball. This emoji is depicted as a black ball with number 8 on most platforms. Some platforms, however, feature aΒ ...

Pool 8 Ball Emoji - What Emoji

Meaning: A black ball with a small white circle printed on one side that contains the number '8' in black. The Pool 8 Ball emoji signifies importance,Β ...