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Full Name big eyes emoji meme
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Pleading Face Emoji

Emoji Meaning. A yellow face with furrowed eyebrows, a small frown, and large, 'puppy dog' eyes, as if begging or pleading. May also represent adoration orย ...

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Sure, eyes are the window to the soul. But this pair of eyes can tell many a story, depending on how creepy, risque, or eye-opening the context.

Flushed Face Emoji

Emoji Meaning. A yellow face with raised eyebrows, a small, closed mouth, wide, white eyes staring straight ahead, and blushing cheeks. Intended to depictย ...

Pleading Face Emoji Meaning |

Oct 25, 2020 ... What does Pleading Face emoji mean? The Pleading Face emoji depicts a yellow face with large puppy-dog eyes and a small frown.

Emojiology: Flushed Face

Jan 20, 2019 ... So, too, at least in the realms of texting and social media, is an emoji. Behold the wide eyes and red cheeks of Flushed Face.

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Eye Lips Eye Emoji is a combination of emoji that typically means "It Is ... What started out as a meme in our small group chat grew bigger than weย ...

Pin by cryptid kid on 111Vsco | Big eyes emoji, Heart emoji reaction ...

Shoot your shots - - - - - - - - - { Tags: #memes #meme #reaction #reactionmeme #reactionmemes #funny #instagood #explore #explorerpageโ€ฆ

dysfunc/ascii-emoji: Essential Emoji - GitHub

cute face with big eyes ๏ผˆ ๏พŸะ”๏พŸ๏ผ‰ surprised / loudmouthed ยฏ\_(ใƒ„)_/ยฏ shrug face ยฏ(ยฐ_o)/ยฏ meh (`ใƒปฯ‰ใƒปยด) feel perky (โ•ฌ เฒ ็›Šเฒ ) angry face แƒš(เฒ ็›Šเฒ แƒš) atย ...

meaning: What are we saying when we use the eyes emoji? | The ...

Nov 23, 2017 ... Apple Color Emoji. Also known as: 'Eyeballs', 'Shifty Eyes', 'Wide Eyes'. Definitions: 1. (literal) 'A pair of eyes, glancing slightly toย ...

Eyes Emoji - Copy and Paste - EmojiFaces

What does Big Eyes Emoji mean? The other thing is that there are several representations of the eyes Emoji today. All of the representations have differentย ...