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Bat Emoji

Emoji Meaning. A bat, the flying mammal of the night. Variously depicted as a brown, black, or gray bat, with wings outspread and pointy ears ...

Bat Kaomoji: Japanese Emoticons ^v^

^v^ (^+.+^) ⎛⎝(•ⱅ•)⎠⎞ /|^;-;^/| ◥(ฅº₩ºฅ)◤ ⎛⎝(⌒ⱅ⌒ )⎠⎞. Premium. Go Premium Emoji Keyboard Symbols Me on Twitter Feedback ...

/|( ;,;)/| Bat | FastEmoji

Bat Animal, Halloween, Bat, Boo, Austin, Sxsw, Bridge, Vampires, ... Create Short URL Publish Text About This Emoji Share on Facebook, Twitter, Social Media.

What is the full list of emoticons? | Skype Support

You can select the emoticon you want to use from the Expression picker in the IM window ... Beaming face with smiling eyes emoticon ... Bat smile emoticon ...

Bat — ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Emoticon Central

Bat Emojis, Emoticons, Smileys. Annoyed Vampire. - ,,-. COPY. Bat #1. /| ^._.^ /|. COPY. Fat Bat. <(:,..,:)>. COPY. Batman #1. 〴 ⋋_⋌ 〵. COPY ...

Innocent until proven guilty — ≷• ܫ•≶ emoticon master post 1

Mar 24, 2013 ... ܫ•≶ emoticon master post 1 ≷• ܫ•≶ kitty ⁀(๑˚ღ˚๑)⁀ pig /\ ^._.^ / bat //\。。/\ spider 〰〰,####,#˚˚< alligator ...

Bat emoji Meaning |

Oct 19, 2020 ... The Bat emoji depicts a gray or brown bat with outstretched wings. While occasionally used in reference to the actual winged mammal, ...

Bat Emoji — Meaning, Copy & Paste

Bat emoji is the picture of the flying little mammal, which is awake in the Night and asleep in the daytime. It typically lives in caves or in the tree ...

- Bat Emoji: U+1F987 - Unicode Character Table

Emoji symbol: , Name of the character: bat, Unicode number for the sign: U+1F987, the icon is included in the block: Supplemental Symbols and Pictographs.

Cool text art with symbol for bat ― #bat ― ✂️ Copy & ℙaste

We have kaomoji, lenny face and other japanese emoticon. Our smileys faces text art are based on emojis or specials symbols. All it's FREE and will give you ...