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A dynamic UI theme for Atom that follows Google's Material Design Guidelines. #ui 路 #theme 路 #material 路 #md 路 #dynamic 路 atom-material. 2,509,605.

atom/atom-ui: Atom's UI library - GitHub

This is Atom's UI library. Originally forked from Bootstrap 3.3.6 , then merged with some core styles and now tweaked to Atom's needy needs.


atom-ide-ui 路 Package version CircleCI. Atom UIs to support language services and debuggers as part of Atom IDE. Language integrations should be built on聽...

15 Best Atom Themes For Atom Text Editor | SPEC INDIA

Jul 21, 2021 ... Nord Atom UI can be used together with the Nord Atom Syntax theme to get a uniform user experience. It is an arctic, north-bluish clean, and聽...

The 10 Best Atom Themes for a Unique Developer Experience ...

Although it's not a core theme, Atom Material UI is featured by the Atom Theme Directory鈥攁nd not without a reason. It follows Google's material design聽...

Introducing Atom IDE UI | Nuclide

Sep 12, 2017 ... Atom IDE UI is fast and lightweight by design. It extracts only the subset of the core UI features from Nuclide necessary to support Atom's atom聽...

Nord Atom UI

An arctic, north-bluish clean and elegant Atom UI theme. Designed for a optimized fluent and clear workflow matching the Nord Atom Syntax theme.

Creating a Theme

Atom supports two types of themes: UI and Syntax. UI themes style elements such as the tree view, the tabs, drop-down lists, and the status bar.

Atomic Design Methodology | Atomic Design by Brad Frost

Atoms are UI elements that can't be broken down any further and serve as the elemental building blocks of an interface. 路 Molecules are collections of atoms that聽...

Top 10 Best Themes for Atom Editor for elegant development

A dynamic UI theme for Atom that follows Google's Material Design Guidelines. Atom Material UI supports different accent colors. To change it, go to聽...