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What is another word for "skull and crossbones"?

Find 4 synonyms for "skull and crossbones" and other similar words that you can use instead from our thesaurus.

SKULL AND CROSSBONES Synonyms: 3 Synonyms & Antonyms ...

synonyms for skull and crossbones · black flag · jack · pirate ship flag.

Another word for SKULL AND CROSSBONES > Synonyms ...

1. drunk-and-disorderly · 2. tarred-and-feathered · 3. tool-and-die_work · 4. fair-and-square · 5. blood-and-guts · 6. pen-and-ink · 7. out-and-out · 8. hit-and-run.


Synonyms for SKULL CROSSBONES: jack, black flag, pirate ship flag, skull and crossbones, jack.

Skull and crossbones - Wikipedia

A skull and crossbones is a symbol consisting of a human skull and two long bones crossed together under or behind the skull. The design originated in the ...

16 CFR § 1500.121 - Labeling requirements; prominence ...

The word 'poison' and the skull and crossbones symbol, when required, must appear either together with other cautionary labeling on a display panel other than ...

37 Synonyms of LABELING | Merriam-Webster Thesaurus

1 to attach an identifying slip to. he labeled all of the poisonous materials with the familiar skull and crossbones. Synonyms for labeling.

100+ words for 'skull and crossbones' - Reverse Dictionary

According to the algorithm that drives this word similarity engine, the top 5 related words for "skull and crossbones" are: Jolly Roger, crossbones, black flag, ...

Skull and crossbones synonyms, skull and crossbones antonyms ...

Synonyms for skull and crossbones in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for skull and crossbones. 5 words related to skull and crossbones: black flag, Jolly Roger, ...

Skull and Crossbones emoji Meaning |

Oct 20, 2020 ... The Skull and Crossbones emoji ☠️ is a versatile one, but watch out! One of its uses is related to poisonous substances.