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The first beta was released on May 18, 2021. Android 12 was released publicly on October 4, 2021, through Android Open Source Project (AOSP) and wasΒ ...

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Google announced in September 2020 - via an Android Developers blog post - that the 2021 Android release will be called Android 12. The aim here is to makeΒ ...

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Android 11 is the eleventh major release and 18th version of Android, the mobile operating system developed by the Open Handset Alliance led by Google.

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Jan 14, 2022 ... Android 12 release date ... Android 12 was announced at Google IO 2021, and is was launched on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) on October 4Β ...

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About Android 12 QPR3 Beta 2. Following the stable release of Android 12 to AOSP, we continue to update the platform with fixes and improvements that are thenΒ ...

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Explore Android's ongoing evolution with this visual timeline of versions, starting B.C. (Before Cupcake) and going all the way to 2022'sΒ ...

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Updated December 8, 2021 ... part one of a two part series covering the happenings at Android Developer Summit 2021, including updates on what the Android.

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December 10, 2021. The latest update to Firebase includes changes to: Firebase Android BoM (Bill of Materials); Firebase Crashlytics.

Android 12 may be released on October 4th - The Verge

Sep 13, 2021 ... That's not hard confirmation, but it does make October 4th, 2021 seem a lot more likely as an Android 12 release date.

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Mar 15, 2022 ... The Sony Xperia 1 III was launched in April 2021. Meanwhile, the Xperia 5 III was released months later, in October 2021.