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An: Name Meaning, Popularity and Info on

What is the meaning of the name An? The name An is primarily a gender-neutral name of Chinese origin that means Peace.

An (surname) - Wikipedia

The surname An is a Chinese Surname (Chinese: ๅฎ‰; pinyin: ฤ€n) which literally means "peace" or "tranquility". It also serves as an abbreviation of Anxiย ...

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Vietnamese Baby Names Meaning: In Vietnamese Baby Names the meaning of the name An is: Peace. Similar names: Andvari ยท Arickย ...

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An Name Meaning. Chinese : from the name of the ancient country known in China as AnXi, located in present-day Uzbekistan. Traditional accounts recordย ...

Name An Meaning, Origin etc. - Both - Baby Name An

An. What does the name An mean? The different meanings of the name An are: Chinese meaning: Peace; Vietnamese meaning: Peace. The meaning of the name 'An'ย ...

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The meaning of MAIDEN NAME is the surname prior to marriage of a person who takes their spouse's last name; especially : the surname of a married orย ...

An: name meaning and origin - BabyCentre UK

An ; Gender. Girl ; Origin. Greek, French ; Meaning. Could be either a French version of Ana, from the Hebrew Hanna meaning "grace" or from the Greek meaning "ย ...