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๐Ÿงจ๐Ÿฅต๐Ÿฆ˜๐Ÿ› โ™ˆ

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Full Name 2nd place emoji
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Second Place Medal Emoji

Emoji Meaning. 2nd Place Medal was approved as part of Unicode 9.0 in 2016 under the name 'Second Place Medal' and added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016.

2nd Place Medal Emoji | Silver Medal Emoji

Emoji: 2nd Place Medal (2nd Place Medal | Medal | Second | Silver) | Categories: Awards & Medals, Competition | Emoji Version 3.0, Unicode 9.0...

2nd Place Medal Emoji | Emojiguide

2nd Place Medal is a fully-qualified emoji as part of Unicode 9.0 which was introduced in 2016. Copy and Paste This Emoji:. Copy. Emoji Copied! Share thisย ...

2nd Place Medal Emoji โ€” Meaning, Copy & Paste

2nd Place Medal emoji is a silver medal connected to a Ribbon. You work hard in a contest and aim to be the very best. But, someone else was a little bitย ...

2nd Place Medal Emoji Meaning with Pictures: from A to Z

The image of a medal that has the number 2 written on it is the emoji that represents winning the second place in a competition.

2nd place medal emoji

While second-best doesn't ring quite the same as the best, winning second place is still a great achievement! The 2nd place medal is worn around the neck onย ...

' ' meaning: 2nd place medal, silver medal Emoji | EmojiAll

Related emojis . Extended reading and popular science. The meaning of emoji symbol is 2nd place medal, it is related toย ...

World's Richest Man Elon Musk Escalates Jeff Bezos Feud With 2nd ...

Oct 11, 2021 ... ... Richest Man Elon Musk Escalates Jeff Bezos Feud With 2nd Place Medal Tweet ... replying to the tweet with a second-place medal emoji.

Joe Pompliano on Twitter: "Jeff Bezos spent time writing up a ...

Oct 11, 2021 ... But Elon Musk ratioed him with a second-place medal emoji, as Musk has recently passed Bezos to become the richest person in the world again.

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Jul 17, 2020 ... Of the emojis approved in 2019, the top results are: 1st place: White Heart; 2nd place: Yawning Face; 3rd place: Brownย ...